I have been seeing Dr. Prakhar Jain for quite a while now, and having completed several sessions with him, I am in a good position to state my experiences so far.When I began my search for a doctor, there were several near my place, but something about Dr. Prakhar just clicked with me and so I went half way across the city to see him. Before our first session I had messaged him to get the exact location and he was very helpful. Not only that but he messaged me before our session to make sure that I wasn't having any trouble finding his clinic. In our first session he diligently listened to me and his demeanor made me feel comfortable when I was sharing my problems. Right after my first session I felt very positive with his approach. Later he also messaged me to make sure that I was able to find the medication that he had prescribed.At one point when I was a little apprehensive about starting more medications, he assured me that he would not impose the medication and that he would work with me and help me even if I don't take any more medications. He further comforted me with the fact that the medications would only accelerate my progress. Having trusted his judgement, I went forward with his prescription and it was the second best decision of my life. The first one being the decision to see him.My life has taken a complete 180 degree turn and I have been able to become a much better person. Doctor Prakhar has helped me achieve both personal and professional goals, and has also guided me in setting up new goals in my life. His approach to therapy is exceptional and the motivation that he instilled in me has helped me become optimistic in life. He has gone above and beyond what I ever thought possible and I wouldn't be in the place where I am today if not for him!


I have consulted with Dr. Prakhar Jain twice so far and have been very satisfied with his approach to treatment. He pays very close attention to his patient's concerns and addresses them. While conversing with him, I never felt as though I was being spoken over or interrupted. He listened patiently and provided helpful guidance and observations.I have not received a conclusive diagnosis so far due to our limited interactions (this is because of the limitations of my condition, and no fault of his), however I have seen a big improvement in my mental state through the medications he prescribed. He did not aggressively increase the dosage and was careful to prescribe only minimum effective doses. Additionally, he was willing to explain the rationale behind his choice of medications.I very much appreciated his availability over WhatsApp and his willingness to provide guidance. Overall, I am very satisfied with his treatment and wish to continue. I would highly recommend him to anyone suffering from mental health issues.I was very apprehensive about approaching a psychiatrist again after having a poor experience with one in the past, but I am glad that I made the right choice.Admitting you need help can be very difficult, and choosing a good doctor right from the beginning is immensely helpful.

Verified Patient

Dr.Prakhar Jain truly listens to his patients and tries to understand what his patent is going through. He has been extremely cooperative with me and his prescribed medication assisted me to overcome daily obstacles that I was facing for a long period.Also he has been really up front about asking if the medications are working or not and replies to any questions as promptly as he can when asked.By far the most knowledgeable phycatrist I've consulted with and will consult with in future.

Jatin Sukhwani

Simple and original. Not your routine doctor patient relationship. Since I am a doctor I can vouch for it that he explains how medicines work better than any teacher. On a difficult day remembering what he said and how he said it makes one feel better. I feel years younger after consulting him. People around me started noticing the difference in me even before I did.

Verified Patient

Have done 3 sessions with Dr Prakhar, after which i have started getting positive results in my attitude and have started answering my negative thoughts in positive way. I m taking baby steps but with doctor i believe i will be to remove all negativity in life.he always replies to messages and asks upfront how i m feeling. Grateful!

Verified Patient

Dr. Prakhar Jain provides answers that are very helpful, well-reasoned and helped me improve my health. Positive response from treatment

Verified Patient

It was great talking to Dr. Jain about issues that are considered taboo. I could freely talk to him about things that are effecting me. Hoping to start my treatment soon and start feeling better even sooner

Verified Patient

Dr. Prakhar Jain provides answers that are very helpful. Very good experience. Dr listened all the details and prescribed medication. I will start medicines from tomorrow. He has assured to recover at the earliest.

Atanu Roy

Very docile and amiable doctor. Really appreciate how he went out of his way to help us with his valuable advice.

Shivani Nitsure

I have nothing but good things to say about Dr. Prakhar Jain. He went above and beyond to make sure I got the right treatment and kept regular checks. His therapy helped me reach my goals and he also guided me in setting new goals. His motivational and thoughtful demeanour helped me turn my life around. I honestly couldn't have asked for more.


He Provided Treatment In The Form Of Psychotherapy As I Was Already Taking Medicines For The Same

Shivani Narula

It was good to be treated with professionalism and clarity.

Arun Thakur

satisfactory and better experience.


I found the answers provided by the Dr. Prakhar Jain to be very helpful, well-reasoned, professional, caring and sensible. He has been very patient with my complaints and problems. He analysed each concern/issue of mine and provided suggestive course of actions accordingly. He has been really comforting which helped me open up almost about anything. I feel it was the right decision to consult Dr. Jain. He is really good.

Ankhimita Paul Choudhury

doctor is very helpful and does not believe in giving extra medicines.

Verified User

He is best doctor . the was he counselloed me was awesome. very helpful HIGHLY RECOMMEND


He is a great doctor the way he counselled me in a first vist was awesome he doesnt believe on to much meds , which other psychiatrist do. He kisten to patient problem very carefully and patiently.

Karan Kumar

it was a great experience with Dr Prakhar. he listens to me with proper attention and his guidance has helped me a lot overcome my problems. i will highly recommend this doctor.


Awesome He Is Very Practical And Experienced

Mridul Dubey

Dr Prakhar Jain listen to the patients very carefully and then suggesting on treatment. I was suffering from depression since past 24 years. There are different types of depression. Before reaching to Dr Prakhar Jain, I visited so many other psychiatrists but they could not address my problem properly. But I started getting positive changes in my health right from day one I reached to Dr Prakhar Jain. I am having gratitude for Dr Prakhar Jain.


Dr Prakhar jain (MD CHILD AND NEUROPSYCHIATRIST) is great doctor. Patiently listens your problem has a very real and bullseye solution. Must visit

Arun Nawade

Dr Prakhar is an excellent doctor. Also, one of the nicest doctors I've come across. His ability to pause and genuinely listen to his patients enhances the way he approaches and treats them. He is also very knowledgeable in his field, possesses appropriate people-skills and I learnt a lot of things from him. He is friendly, and makes his patients feel comfortable and at ease instantly. So grateful to have had the opportunity to work with him for some time. Thanks!

Shiruli Dash

Dr Prakhar has a knack for making you instinctively trust & confide in him. His sessions are inspired from self reflection & one comes out with actionable insights that are helpful in improving any challenge one maybe facing. So grateful for your help. Highly recommended!

Amrish Jaiswal

Doctor understood my problem and provided me with instant relief. He counselled me very nicely. Thankyou

Amir Chhipa

Dr. Prakhar Jain is just awesome !!! I had few visits to treat my anxiety and depression. Thanks a lot to Dr. Prakhar Jain Since last one year I am not taking any medication, and feeling absolutely fine. 5 stars are less !!! He is very positive on his patients and always keeping them positive as well. Thank you Doctor, God bless you .....

Mridul Dubey

I was referred by a family member to see Dr. Prakhar Jain for my low self esteem and low self confidence. I felt very comfortable talking with him. It was my first session. He spoke very nicely. It felt more like talking to a friend. He gave me advice on how to deal with my exams and have the right aim. I felt very positive after the session. Looking forward to more sessions with him.

Swati Singh

Dr Prakhar has been like a mentor to me. I can't thank him enough for properly pointing out my problems and giving me a simple yet efficient solution. He cares about his patients and is open to talk to. He also likes to know the background of his patient and listens to you. I really felt good talking to him. I would definitely recommend him to my friends and family.

Samir Sapher

Very calm and understands every individual's condition and helps them overcome the issues using scientific methodology. Does not rush to prescribe medicines as he does not medicate unnecessarily. A person whom you can talk to, who listens to you patiently and hears you out without rushing for the next patient unlike other pshychiatrists. A doctor who instills a lot of confidence in his patients. Visited him for anxiety disorders. Highly recommend him.

Nimra Anvis

The consultation by Dr Prakhar is very good. He genuinely listened to my problem and broke it down so that I can come to terms with it. His suggested treatment plan is also working and giving me positive results.

Rahul Yadav

I consulted Dr. Prakhar telephonically for my 3 year old daughter and found his tips and ideas very useful. He patiently listens to all the problems and takes care of the minute details. His analysis is quick and his suggestions makes these sessions extremely fruitful . He diligently follws up for the same. I would recommend him for any psychiatry related issues.

Khushbu setpal

Thank u for your kind and thoughtful concern and providing excellent mental health care

Abdul Rahim

Dr.Prakha Jain sir U r not a Only Doctor but you r GOD U r very humble & faithfull person .I recommend One of the best Doctor in mumbai regd. NEUROPSYCHIATRIST , PSYCHOTHERAPIST . Doctor sahab u r very expert in professional work. Specially you understand the feelings & all condition of patient . Your support is too much for us .


Dr.Prakhar Jain Sir is very empathic in communication and hears to each and everything calmly. His sessions have helped me much, i am sure will help others too.

Kamya Chandan

Best Dr ever met, Good consultant, Great Skill of Diagnosis , Best treatment provided.

Shrenik Nahata

Dr Prakhar Jain is Very friendly , he listens the patient very carefully . Deep sympathy towards the children . Very satisfying.

Fazal siddiqui

Expert doctor. Listens calmly and prescribes very less medicines. Found him knowledgeable in any health related questions. He gave me relaistic and easy to apply solutions.

Yash Golechha

It is good doctor.. good human nature... used limited medicine as per required.. nice Dr

satish sawant

Expert diagnosis of ADHD and Depression. Very few medicines.

Dr.Vivek Kumar Shukla.B.Sc,MBBS,MBA in hospital adm

Good professional , nice work , value for money. Consulted online.

Advocate Rajey Jain

Very Good Doctor. Highly Recommended.

Siraj P

Talented doctor

Anas Khan

Very good experience. Dr listened all the details and prescribed medication. I will start medicines from tomorrow. He has assured to recover at the earliest.

Atanu Roy

Dr. Prakhar Jain is incredible. Not only has he taken great care of my Son, but also he is very generous and supportive during the meet. It’s rare to find a doctor that combines such personal touches and care for a patient as a person with outstanding quality of medical care. I met with him for the treatment of my Son, my family doctor noticed basics symptoms of Autism, I was very much worried after knowing this disorder. When I was met with the Dr. Prakhar my son was 4 year old, he suggested few precautions and right course of treatment, therapy. He boosted my confidence to cope up with this shortly. After 6 month my child who was unable to respond , now he is able to respond and able to communicate properly. They way he guided and kept the monitoring of my son that was really outstanding. I highly recommending him. Thank you so much Dr. Prakhar Jain. God bless you .....

Ashish Dubey

Mai kahi pe bhi thik nahi ho raha tha Dr. jain ne mujhe thik kiya.He is great,fantastic & good human being.

shankar maji